The talented staff at Rhinoplasty Atlanta knows that everyone’s needs and goals are different. That’s why Dr. Peter Abramson and his team offer a variety of Rhinoplasty procedures designed to address ethnicity, age, gender, functionality and more. Some people are unhappy with the nose they were born with. Others may have breathing problems, or an injury may have distorted the nose. A slight alteration of the nose can greatly improve one’s appearance.

The ConsultationExamination

Before having Rhinoplasty, you will have a one-on-one discussion with Dr. Abramson to discuss all of your concerns and expectations. Remember to keep your goals realistic and be prepared with the following items:

  • Photos of what you ideally want your nose to look like after surgery
  • A friend or close family member for support
  • A calendar to talk about potential surgery dates
  • Any and all questions you might have

Computer imaging allows Dr. Abramson to selectively manipulate digital photographs in order to reshape the nasal contour without changing the surrounding face. When performed skillfully, the resulting morph is a realistic-looking image that enables patients to visualize the impact of Rhinoplasty cosmetic changes. Variations in nasal length, nasal width or nostril contour can be evaluated separately or in combination. The patient is encouraged to participate in the “design” of the new nose and to provide input regarding the desired shape. Because computer imaging allows for precise (virtual) enhancement of the nasal contour, an idealized simulation is created which can then be used to confirm and plan the appropriate surgical modifications.

On many occasions Rhinoplasty can be combined with other procedures such as a Mini Facelift, Chin Augmentation, or a Brow Lift to further enhance a patient’s facial symmetry.

Common Forms of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Atlanta uses innovative, state-of-the-art techniques and instruments to perform Rhinoplasty procedures for patients throughout the Metro Atlanta, GA area including Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Marietta, and Johns Creek. Call 404/297-1789 today to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Abramson to determine if Rhinoplasty is right for you.