Nose DeformityDeformities of the nose are often the result of an accident; however, ethnicity and heredity also play a role. When the nose is deformed it distracts attention away from other facial features because the face as a whole is not symmetrical. Ideally the nose should “fade” into the background to give your eyes and lips more attention. Deformities can be located in the upper third of the nose (the bony bridge of the nose), in the middle or lower third of the nose. Dr. Peter Abramson can correct nose deformities and give you the facial symmetry you have always wanted!

Types of Deformities

There are a variety of nose deformities that not only affect the outer appearance of a patient’s face, but also affect their ability to breath. Because every patient has unique needs, Dr. Peter Abramson formulates a customized treatment plan designed to address internal and external issues. To learn more about each deformity, click on the links below:

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